Friday, December 30, 2011

Adieu to 2011 and welcome to 2012

Time to bid adieu to the year 2011 has approached. The resolution taken for this year has seriously being addressed and a sense of positivity vivid up. As decided in the beginning of 2011 I am able to shorten the list of enemies and begged sorry from all my friends who got hurt with my known or unknown deeds. Professionally, socially and personally achieved a lot and sadly lost few good souls who were my strength. Not much to say, just taking a note of, what I achieved and lost in the year 2011.

Professionally 2011 - this year I restricted myself in applying anywhere, firstly, thought of constructing my professional domain in more valid manner. Started reading and interacting with other fellow professionals. Thought of compiling many ideas in the form of paper and vaguely tried for it.
Resolution for 2012: More practical exposure needs to get and surely going to experiment on something new and interesting. ‘ll take help from all my mentors towards streamlining my professional learning.

Family in 2011 - Things got easier and smooth at family front. I started taking or sharing burden of various plans and able to execute them well, that given contentment to parents as well as other members of the family. I regain the intactness which was loosening up earlier. Overall, it was one amongst the happiest years for the family with respect to growth and peace.  
Resolution for 2012: Nothing much changes from the last year resolutions, hopefully give more and more happiness to all members of my family and to everyone associated with it.

Personally or socially 2011 - I apologies to all near and dear ones who was knowingly or unknowingly got hurt by me. This year I had not hurt anybody directly and tried my best not to do it indirectly even. Many new people come across and stuck as good friends of mine. Few people mentoring me towards the goal of life and had always been kind to me, departed in other worlds and created a vacuum which never be filled-up.
Resolution for 2012: ‘ll surely going to be a good human being and also accomplish all my responsibilities in much better way.

Academically 2011 - In this year I remained slightly serious towards my research work. With active support from the Guide and few very close friends. With help all of them, I am on verge of giving a good shape to research project.   
                Resolution for 2012: May able to wind up my research.

I am also taking this opportunity to wish you all and me, may this new year brings lot of happiness, joy and success at everyone's  life. Welcome 2012.

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