Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Secret – the magic

Dear Kruti and Jaya,

Thank you for sharing such an interesting piece of contents, which certainly is going to help in throughout of my life. While assessing on the basis of this book and movie based upon it, I found positive and negative (mixture) personality inside me. Although my personality is more inclined towards negative feeling but ensure now onwards to keep myself positive all the time during all circumstances as narrated in these magical content enveloped in 'The secret'. I am still feeling the essence comes out of many of its words. ‘Thoughts become things!’ may be the most useful shortcut of being positive for an introvert person like me. Another phrase ‘Your wish is my command’ creates magic all around. It showed me that a hidden aura works according to our thoughts and actions which magically brought to us whatever we are desiring or commanding for.

This is a phenomenal piece of guidance, efforts, teaching and experience that can be shared with each and everyone to make our world a lovely place to live. The Secret bring out positive power which lives within us.  Undoubtedly, the ‘Secret’ is the key to live happily and spread peace all across.

Thanks once again for supporting my life with so called magic – ‘the secret’.

With best wishes and regards,

Suresh K Chauhan

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  1. sounds really nice and interesting....I have not read the book yet but yes I am definitely going to buy the book as the description sounds too much interesting.


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